Latest News

    Keep up to date with our latest news and information, this includes all of the inner goings on at Lakewood , the progress of our herds, the availability (or unavailability) of our meat as well as any changes to our products that might occur.

    As well as buying direct from the farm or couriered we sell at a number of markets and food festivals.


    In 2017 we are going to be selling our goat and kid meat at:

    Jesmond Market - Saturday 21st January


    Newcastle Market - Friday 7th October/ Friday 17th December

    Jesmond Market -3rd Saturday of every month

    Alnwick Taste of the North - 25/26th June 2016

    Chillifest 2016 -2nd/3rd July 2016

    Cramlington Food Festival 2016 -30th/31st July 2016

    North Shields Food Festival 20th/21st August 2016

    Alnwick Food Festival 2016 - 17/18th September 2016

    North Shields Xmas Market 10/11th December 2016

    Alnwick Xmas Market -4th/5th December 2016

    Sage Xmas Market 4th/5th December 2016

    Newcastle Xmas Market -Friday 17th December 2016 - we will only have frozen meat available

    Jesmond Xmas Market -Saturday 18th December

    Staithes and Low Fell market - starting again in 2017, dates to be posted

    + others -we'll keep you posted!!!!


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