About Us

    boer goat meat


    At Lakewood we began by breeding Aberdeen Angus in 1996. We won an award in 2010 which recognised our herd as the most improved in terms of genetic merit. Many of our cattle our classed in the top 1% of their breed for their traits. Please click on our Lakewood.uk.com website for further information about our cattle or to contact us with any enquiries.

    Following our success with cattle, in 2006 we decided to branch out and bought a small herd of dairy goats with the intention of producing goat milk and cheese products. However, after much consideration, we came to the decision that our experience makes us more suited to raising animals for meat. As a result we purchased a young Boer billy goat called Janus Rum (Ron), who was of and accredited stock from Norfolk who quickly took to his new position as a stud.


    Our herd is well cared for and healthy and is CAE accredited by SACS and Johnnes tested and tested for diseases and parasites in line with regulations.

    From these small beginnings we are able to trace back the heritage of our herd. We now have more than 160 goats with an excellent, traceable, genetic history. We carefully research and select our studs and have spent many years of careful breeding to ensure we have the healthiest possible herd which produce the highest quality of goat meat.